The key to social media engagement is superior content development. We work with our clients to develop and then highly optimize their content for all platforms – social media, website, email, etc.

Our team isn’t just composed of great marketers: we’re a group of creative minds too. From novelists to photographers, and journalists to freelance artists, the Bonfire team is comprised of creative individuals who produce the most engaging content tailored to our diverse client base.


We focus on creating a strategic mix of engaging content that will build your audience and keep them talking about your brand.



Most people think of RSS feeds when they hear the term content syndication. Our syndication goes much further than that. We publish content in multiple formats and in multiple locations. While high quality content is key, when and how you post content is also very important. And, depending on the platform, this can make or break your success.

Here are just a few of the ways in which we syndicate content:



We don’t do cute. We don’t develop cute campaigns that make people “feel good” but don’t have any real effect on your business. We are driven by numbers and base our success on them. The ability to track and measure data is one of the reasons digital marketing is gaining in popularity. Every time someone posts on a social network or interacts with your post, they create a digital footprint. Given the right analysis, this digital data can be used to make business decisions. That’s where Dubai Social Media Marketing comes in.

We care so greatly about driving business results that we invest heavily in the best-in-class data analytics tools. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and are committed to not only getting results but giving you the data to prove it. We not only provide our clients with this data, we explain it and develop actionable goals that move the needle.